DONATE to the Magazine

There are perks to supporting the zine...

SEMI ZINE is a non-profit magazine dedicated to the arts and artists globally. We don't feel ethically alright with generating a profit using the work of other artists who have willingly joined our collective. We may sell our print editions and a bit of merch to cover our running costs. If we want to implement new innovation and ideas within the magazine we pay for that out of our own pocket because we're passionate about art created by great artists! If you want to support us and our magazine-y endeavours then we don't want to stop you from being equally as passionate about this platform as we are - so we've set up a simple donation system.

Any money donated to SEMI ZINE will go right back into the magazine to make it even bigger and better. 

For each donation we'll send a small thank you print signed by our founder from her own personal photographic archive. Or even maybe a t-shirt or tote with our logo on it! Who knows!