We're advocators of great artwork and dedicated artists.

A completely free to submit and non-profit based art platform and resource. Our aim is to feature the best artwork and artists of our time without trying to turnover a profit and to become a self-sustaining print magazine stocked globally. We love all artistic creations from anyone around the world as long as we can deem from the initial image that real dedication and thought was put into the work as a whole. SEMI ZINE was founded and supported by a collective of artists and creators passionate about art, we know the struggle to be published is real which is why we created the SEMI MAGAZINE. We're inviting you to be part of this collaboration and collective - if you see a future in SEMI ZINE then become part of it!

We're constantly looking to feature new talent. We do our best to feature as many applicants as possible. Have you been waiting a while to hear back from us? Please don't worry! Because of the massive volume of work submitted our reply may be delayed but we are eager to feature your work! We're a non-profit showcase platform and so our busy team are getting to you and your amazing work as fast as possible while also trying to maintain their other lives. Please be patient with us.

We don't aim to profit off the hard work of artists. We don't claim to own any of the artwork published or submitted to our magazine and our artists are always attributed appropriately. You can read our T&C's for more information.


We're slaves to our audience at SEMI ZINE so if you have any queries or comments please email us. We try to never miss an email.

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